What's new with the Cassablanca crew?

What's new with the Cassablanca crew?

19th Jul 2017

A fair amount of time has passed between our bloggings... so we thought we had better update everyone!

2017 has been an amazing year for us so far - with Fashions in the Field at Rock'n'Roll Rendezvous; Pinup Princess at the Rock'n'Roll Rampage show; Port Rocks Pinup parade and so many more amazing events.

To add to the fun; we're hosting the Fashions in the Field at Bay to Birdwood in September, sponsoring Adelaide's best pinup competition the AAPC Pinup Poser and we have a few more events up our sleeve ;)

We've also added a few things to enhance your shopping experience...
You can now have your purchased items gift wrapped! We have 2 options available with plain tissue or full gift box.

And our alterations service - thanks to the girls over at DeleriumEmporium.

The girls can alter, hem, change zips - do anything to help you get into a Cassablanca dress sooner.

And finally - our shopper spotlights. On our facebook page we're sharing gorgeous photos submitted by our customers. Want to join the fun? PM us a photo of you in your pretties and we'll share it to the page! Easy.

With a few more tweaks to come, we're looking forward to the rest of what 2017 has to offer :)

Happy shopping Cassa babes <3